Welcome to Moana Poe world

Open a bottle of Monoi Moana Poe oil and let the smell drift you into a tropical paradise, where your body is free and your soul is in perfect connection with nature.

Take care of your skin and your hair with the ancient beauty secret of Tahitian women and feel the happiness you feel on vacation or every time you do something really good for yourself.


How do we use Moana Poe?

While taking a bath

Fill your bathtub with water and drop a few drops of moana poe along with your favorite body wash and enjoy a relaxing bath.
Use monoi oil after bathing all over the body or any time you want. 
Perfect when used against stretch marks and dry skin. Ideal for elbows or cracked heels.


Apply Moana Poe to your hair and scalp and leave it for 20 minutes. Finally, apply a little amount to your fingers and apply only on your hair tips, without rinsing.


Apply a few drops on your body and make a delightful massage. When used in massage, helps relaxing the muscles.


Apply a few drops under your moisturizer or straight on to your face. Enjoy the anti-aging benefits of this unique product as it is rich in natural fatty acids and vitamin E.
Amazing when used to remove facial makeup.

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