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What is Moana Poe (the Pearl of the Ocean)?

Moana poe or “Ocean Pearl” comes directly from Tahiti where it is produced with the ancient Monoi oil recipe.

A bottle full of sun, sea and scents from the exotic Polynesia, a 100% natural product made with pure coconut oil and the “magic” qualities of the Tiare Flower, the Tahiti gardenia.

The moment its bottle opens, its intoxicating scent drifts us into exotic Tahiti while giving us an amazing tropical tan. At the same time, it intensively moisturizes our skin with the necessary hydration it needs under the sun.

Ideal for massage, it imparts a sense of Polynesian joy of life, a deep connection to nature and the instinctive feeling of happiness and relaxation that is transmitted to us by the sun’s rays and the ocean breeze.

How is Moana Poe manufactured?

Monoï oil from Tahiti is the ancient beauty secret of all Polynesian women. An elixir of beauty for skin and hair with rich moisturizing, nutritious, softening and rejuvenating qualities.

Móana poe is made with the traditional Polynesian recipe, made of fresh Tiare petal flowers macerated in refined coconut oil, releasing their sweet aroma and moisturizing qualities.

It is prepared with respect to Polynesian culture and the natural environment. With care and attention at every stage of the process and deep respect for the raw materials, the land of Tahiti and its people.

Moana Poe means happiness!

Moana Poe is not just another tanning oil or a moisturizing cosmetic.

Each bottle of Moana Poe invites us to relax, to leave our body and soul free in perfect connection with nature.

It embodies the deep need to care for ourselves, to experience the happiness we feel a summer day on the beach while the sun’s rays are caressing us.

Moana Poe is a state of affection and love for the beauty of life and invites us to try it.

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